Vivek Pharmachem

Jammu Plant

The plant is situated at very strategic amid the industrial area of Bari-Brahamana, Jammu (J&K). The unit is located on 18000Sq.Mts industrial land which is free from any kind of pollution either through water or air with lush greenery all around the production block for clean and pollution free air.

The building layout has been designed in such a way that it ensures there is no cross-contamination between raw material, in process products and finished products. All the production rooms of the plant are connected with the corridor to facilitate the uniflow movement of men and material.

  1. The building is built according to international standards based on WHO/Revised SCHEDULE-M/cGMP requirements and complies with current good laboratory practice code (cGLP).
  2. The unit is self-contained i.e., the production block is connected to the change rooms, canteen and quality control for improvement, modification & development.
  3. Coving has been provided on all the sharp joints to avoid the formation of webs and easy in cleaning.
  4. All Electrical light fixtures are canceled in roof and visible area of fixture is made of stainless steel & glass only. Even all-electrical light switches are provided in corridor to avoid any unwanted entry of security persons in production area.